Your companion from pregnancy, labor & birth, to postpartum

Birth Support


Birth Package

My philosophy on birth is autonomy.  Each birth is unique and each birthing person has individual needs and desires for giving birth.  My goal is to protect your autonomy and your sacred path to birth and parenthood.  When you choose Two moons Doula Services, you will have my full support throughout pregnancy, labor and birth. You can call or text me at any time with questions, comments or concerns.  No topic is off limits.  If I don't have the answers you seek, I'll go above and beyond  to get you the information you need.  When the time comes, and you start feeling like things are happening, I'm right here with you! I'll be in constant communication with you until you ask me to be present, whether it's in your home, out and about, the hospital, birth center, wherever.    

During the prenatal appts., we will talk about: 

-Your birth wishes  

-The "what if's"  

-Identifying the early signs of labor  

-Pain management  

-Partner support  

-Communicating your wishes with the birth team and/or hospital staff  

-What to bring to the your birth place  

-Nourishing foods  

-Anything in your history that could impact your birth- reservations, past abuse, trauma, health conditions, relationships  

Skills for Labor and Birth 


-Comfort measures -hip squeeze, positioning, swaying, and more....  

-Traditional Mexican Rebozo -  counter pressure, shifting baby position, rocking baby down and postpartum healing  

-Essential Oils  

-Partner support  

-Breastfeeding assistance  


My basic birth package includes, but is not limited to: 

-Two prenatal sessions of 1.5-2 hours  

-24 hour email, text and phone support during pregnancy and early labor  

-Labor and birth support on the phone,  at your home and/or birthing location ​(I'll come to you when you ask me to)  

-Minimum of one postpartum visit, more if necessary or requested  


**Sliding scale available. Doula care should be  accessible to all who desire it. Please call for more information 

Give me a call and we'll chat about it!