Your companion from pregnancy, labor & birth, to postpartum

Your companion from pregnancy, labor & birth, to postpartum

Your companion from pregnancy, labor & birth, to postpartumYour companion from pregnancy, labor & birth, to postpartum

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Postpartum Services

Postpartum care is often forgotten or neglected but is vital in ensuring mothers well-being.  Self care is what allows us to properly care for our young and our partners and is especially crucial during the first few months after baby arrives. Sometimes referred to as "the fourth trimester", is an important time to focus on slowing down life, rest and healing. consider a "lying in" period and give yourself the extra care you deserve. Having a doula at home with you can do so much. Here are just some of the benefits;

~Assistance with newborn care

~Breastfeeding support

​~Someone to talk with and relate to

~Help with older siblings

~One on one time for mom and older siblings

~Bonding time with newborn

~Time with your partner

~Grocery store runs

~Nutritious home cooked meals

~Light housework

~Rest, naps, and showers are a breeze

~Community referrals ​

$25/hour (3 hour per visit minimum)

Add-on services listed in the main menu.

(Bengkung, Yoni Steam)

Yoni Steaming


Postpartum Herbal Yoni Steam

 Yoni steaming is a holistic approach to postpartum healing.  Its an age old practice performed all around the world as an essential tool to providing healing to our womb throughout life.  Although we do not steam during pregnancy, postpartum is the best time to steam.  A steaming session in the privacy of your own home  could be just what you need to bring your womb into a state of healing.    Here are some of the benefits;

~ healing of the soft tissues in the peritoneal and vulva areas

~ helps to speed up the process of healing any tears that occurred during pregnancy

~ increased circulation of the womb blood 

~ promotes detoxification of the womb

~ gives a sense of warmth and self care